Fire Rated Shutters

Fire shutters and fire and smoke resistant curtains are imperative to protecting against the spread of fire in a building, warehouse or industrial premises.
Fire rated shutters differ from standard steel shutters because the materials used in them are specifically designed to resist fire and intense heat.

All of our fire shutters are constructed from durable steel and either powder coated, plastisol coated or galvanised. Additionally, they are available with hood and fascia canopies as well as acoustic and draught options, and we can also install anti-ram raid devices for your complete security.

Fire Curtains

Our fire and smoke curtains are made from fire resistant materials and whether a one-two hour rating will suffice or you think you may require a more resilient four hour fire shutter, we can help. We can incorporate key or button station activation as well as an integrated control panel for fire alarm relay signals, ensuring they close or open easily and promptly.

Our industrial fire shutters and smaller-scale fire curtains are activated through two forms of detection:

  • Thermal fusible link – The shutters will begin to shut once the mounted detection sensor exceeds 68°. A timing delay is an option for this method so that the shutters don’t necessarily have to begin closing instantly, giving time for personnel to evacuate.
  • Fire alarm system – This is where the shutters are connected to the master fire alarm system and will begin to close once a fire has been detected elsewhere. A delay system can also be incorporated through this method.

Installation & Maintenance

Our team never take security for granted and this is especially true for fire security. They will professionally install any fire shutters or curtains to the highest standard and, with our expert maintenance services your fire safety is assured for years to come.

Our services cover the whole of the UK, with our teams operating out of Nottingham. To find out more about how our fire curtains & shutters, including arranging a visit, call us at Ashlar FM on 0800 998 1373.

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