Fire Suppression Systems

A fire suppression system is an essential piece of fire protection equipment in many different environments, including large industrial premises, public buildings, offices and schools.

Here at Ashlar FM, we operate throughout the UK from our base in Nottingham and have years of experience when it comes to assessing properties, helping to find the ideal solution for each of our customers’ individual requirements.

Gaseous fire suppression systems – The gas released when a fire is detected smothers the fire, cutting off its oxygen and heat supply and extinguishing the fire quickly. It’s known as a clean agent fire suppression system and as such is ideal for use in computer suites, telecoms facilities and archives.

Water mist fire suppression systems – Water mist systems are highly effective as the mist cuts off the oxygen supply while the water eliminates the heat, reducing the spread of a fire. They are the ideal alternative to sprinkler systems as they use less water, making them more suitable for a range of applications.

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