Fire Extinguishers

Ashlar FM provide and service a comprehensive range of fire protection equipment, including a range of fire extinguisher types to suit all manner of environments and industries.

Our team are highly trained and available throughout the UK – from our base in Nottingham – to offer you professional advice, ensuring your fire extinguishers are in good form & fit for purpose.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Foam extinguishers – Seal and subdue fires quickly and are versatile enough to tackle both Class A and Class B fires.

Water extinguishers – Ideal for tackling Class A, paper, wood and cloth fires as the water cools the burning materials.

CO2 extinguishers – Smother the fire’s oxygen supply, so are most suited to Class B fires as they don’t conduct electricity.

Powder extinguishers – Are specifically designed to tackle hazardous flammable liquids and electrical fires, as well as Class A fires.

Wet Chemical extinguishers – Cool and seal burning liquids and Class F fires involving cooking fats, so are ideal in commercial kitchens.

Our risk assessment will identify all the necessary hazards and recommend the correct placement and size of your extinguishers, so you can be sure that you’ll always be appropriately covered should you require them.

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