Fire Alarm Service & Maintenance

Whether you have a fire alarm that has been installed by Ashlar FM or another company, it is essential that you keep up with regular maintenance, inspections and services to ensure that it will work effectively and as intended in the event of a fire.

You can be sure that we always prioritise any calls for assistance regarding repairs to your fire alarm, and will ensure that all repair work is carried out swiftly and effectively, so you can rest assured that your alarm will be functioning perfectly again in no time.

Fire Alarm Testing

We understand that your fire alarm is the first and most important line of defence, allowing the occupants of your building sufficient time to evacuate and respond accordingly to the level and type of hazard.

As such, you can rely on our specialist team to arrange professional fire alarm maintenance and testing – carried out throughout the UK, with our base of operations in Nottingham. This will not only help you fulfil your legal obligations in relation to fire alarm testing and inspection, but also to help protect the building’s occupants, your assets and property.

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