Fire Alarms

Here at Ashlar FM we offer comprehensive fire alarm systems to all manner of commercial and industrial clients. We will assess your property and recommend the ideal type and number of fire detection components, from the best manufacturers, that will provide the utmost protection for you, your building and its occupants.

Fire Detection Systems

Smoke & Heat Detectors – We will identify the best type and location for your fire detectors to ensure that they respond to the first signs of fire, allowing you to respond accordingly.

Call Points – Your manual call points will be placed in the best possible locations allowing the buildings’ occupants to raise the alarm if they spot a fire in any part of your premises.

Control Panels – We supply and install a range of high quality control panels to suit tailored alarm systems in any type of building, whether you need it to cover many zones or just a few rooms.

Sounders & Beacons – We provide a range of different sounders and beacons that will identify the risk, and the type of hazard, to all the occupants of your building.
Wireless Alarms – Quick and easy to install, wireless alarms are ideal for older buildings where cabled alarms would cause a lot of damage, or if you can’t afford the downtime associated with having a complex alarm system installed.

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