Security Grilles

Security grilles, installed throughout Birmingham by Ashlar

Ashlar Physical Security know that many businesses contain valuable equipment and goods. That's why we supply customers with additional security measures for areas of their building which could be targeted by thieves, including windows.

Our security grilles are fitted with precision to ensure absolute security against the threat of theft or intrusion. We provide a variety of different grilles to ensure that we can satisfy a wide range of security requirements.

Our Range of Security Grilles

  • Fixed static grilles
  • Ornate grilles
  • Sliding /folding grilles

They consist of steel components which provide both protection and subtlety so that the overall aesthetics of your building aren't adversely affected by the introduction of this additional security measure.

To find out more about how our security windows can benefit you, simply give us a call - 0800 859 5235.

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Security Grilles

  • » Range includes police approved grilles
  • » Various colour options to match your existing property
  • » Ideal for securing your premises

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Security Grilles