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Metal security fencing, available from Ashlar in Birmingham

When your business grounds cover a large section of outdoor area, it is essential that everything within that area is fully protected with adequate security fences. Ashlar Physical Security install security fencing that is both an affordable and effective physical barrier to intruders.

Whether you just require security fencing to deter intruders or you need security fencing to form part of a larger physical barrier system, we can help.

Our Fencing Contractors Install...

  • Palisade fencing
  • Metal fencing
  • Bespoke timber fencing

Additional Anti-scale Devices

  • Razor Wire
  • Wall Spikes

All of our security fencing options are durable and, with our expert installation work, will defend your property for a great number of years.

To enquire about our pricing, or for specific information about our security fencing options, e.g. Palisade fencing, call us on 0800 859 5235 today!

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