Retail Security Shutters

Retail security shutters, installed in Birmingham

Shop fascias are considered extremely vulnerable because they are mainly comprised of large sections of glass. This creates a security risk to any shop owner and the contents of their shop as glass is highly susceptible to damage from vandals.

Ashlar Physical Security can significantly increase the security around your shop by installing and maintaining strong, durable retail shutters. Whether you require electronically operated shutters with manual override facilities or a simple manual push-pull shutter, we can provide the most appropriate physical security solution for your shop.

Shop Front Shutters - Manual & Electronic

Our manual retail shutters have solid lath curtains and conventional key locks. We also have a variety of different electronic retail shutters, including:

  • Solid lath
  • 55% vision section lath
  • Insulated solid lath
  • Full view Perspex lath curtains
  • Key, remote control or group command control systems

All of these options will provide a barrier of protection between your shop and the outside world.


If you choose our shop front shutter service we guarantee a professional installation service, that aims to keep disruption to a minimal. Our installations team are skilled in efficient security shutter installations.

Your security is paramount to our company so you can be safe in the knowledge that we hold the expertise and initiative required to protect you from any outside threat to your business.

To find out more about how our retail shutters can benefit your shop front, simply give us a call at Ashlar Physical Security today - 0800 859 5235.

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Retail Security Shutters

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Retail Security Shutters