Perimeter Security Fixtures

The best way to protect your premises, whatever your business may be, is to restrict access via the installation of gates, barriers and bollards. Wherever you are looking to increase security, we can help ensure that you get the most appropriate physical barrier to stop unwanted or unauthorised visitors.

Manual & Electronic Security Fixtures

We install, repair and maintain a huge range of manually operated and automatic security measures that will prevent pedestrian or vehicular access, or both, including:

Comprehensive Security Provider

Our security experts have years of experience and will assess your premises to ensure that you get the most appropriate security measure that will help you to control access in and around your property.

As we offer such a wide range of solutions, not only can we be sure to find something in your price range and to suit your specifications, but we can also provide something which will maintain the overall aesthetics of your entrance.

To find out more about how our security barriers, bollards and gates can benefit you, simply give us a call at Ashlar Physical Security today - 0800 859 5235. Our team in Birmingham will be happy to help.

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