Door Entry Systems

Keyfob door entry system, installed by Ashlar in Birmingham

Any business, commercial or industrial property will need to be secure to ensure that only those with proper authorisation can gain access or be able to effectively monitor visitors.

The best way to achieve this is with a door entry system from Ashlar Physical Security.

Types of Door Entry

Our door entry systems will secure the entrances around a building until the correct method of entry has been accepted. We specialise in:

  • Card access systems
  • Digi-pads for pin code access
  • Proximity key fob entry
  • Transmitter and receiver operation

Safety Compliant Installation

All of our door access controls will be installed by our expert team who will also ensure that they present no risk to health and safety, especially in emergency situations. So if you think your premises would benefit from an integrated door access control system, simply give us a call today at Ashlar Physical Security. Our team will be only too happy to guide you through the most suitable options to secure your property.

Call us today for the latest in door entry technology, including the option of arranging an appointment with one of our security specialists. Ashlar Physical Security - 0800 859 5235.

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Door Entry Systems